The new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will apply to all companies that process personal data of European Union residents, regardless of whether the organization is based in EU or not.

As of May 25 2018, businesses will need to comply with the new regulation.


  • Strengthens the rights of people
  • Redefines the notion of "personal data" taking into account the use of new technologies
  • Increases company accountability by developing self-responsibility
  • Sets punitive fines for non-compliance of up to €20m or up to 4% of the Total Annual Turnover

Personal data refers to all information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. These are for example, a person's contact details, date of birth, civil status, the vehicle registration number, bank details, the amount of wages, an identification number, etc.

With the GDPR, companies will have the obligation to ensure the security and traceability of personal data in their possession, from collection to final deletion.

Get ready for the GDPR with Katana

Katana is the Swiss leader in confidential information destruction. In order to help you get ready for the GDPR, we are offering a:

  • Free audit with delivery of a report to assess the potential risks associated with the storage and destruction of your personal and confidential data
  • Solution that guarantees secure destruction and traceability of your information


Discover our infographic on the new European data protection regulation (GDPR)


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